Phi Phi Island
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Phi Phi Island

Rainy season : May-Dec Monsoons : Sep- Nov 
Dry season : Jan-Apr Average Temp. : 17-37 c
High Season : Dec-May Low Season : Jun-Oct

Phi Phi Don & Phi Phi Ley are 2 islands about 40km from Krabi and Phuket. Located in a national park, both are incredibly scenic, with glorious white sand beaches and blue, blue water.
On uninhabited Phi Phi Ley, where development is not allowed, it remains an island paradise and a favorite spot for boat-trips.

However Phi Phi Don, once a quiet fishing community, is now an overdeveloped and, during the high season, overpriced tourist resort. Beautiful Ton Sai Bay has been taken over by noisy boats and, from 12-16:00 during the high season, the beach is crowded with day-trippers from Krabi & Phuket.

Despite these conditions Phi Phi still has much to offer the visitor. The beautiful beaches of Loh Dalam, Hin Khom and Long Beach, are quiet, less crowded. Undeveloped beaches on nearby islands can be visited by boat. Good snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing sites are also in the area.

Most of the facilities and services are near the harbor. Accommodation is along Ton Sai Beach, Loh Dalam Beach and in the village. There are some options along Long beach but it's a long 40min hike, or a 30B boat ride from Ton Sai Beach.

Main Village:
TON SAI on Kho Phi Phi
From the village to Long Beach (Hat Yao) 30 min walk. Boat service available At the port in village rooms sb,f from 300B
5min walk from pier through the village (bank, ta, many restaurants) leads to the beach on the N side.
many resorts, crowded, expensive.

Local Transport 
Many agents in Ton Sai. Can book onward transport from Krabi. 
Boat to Long beach 40B/p 
ta Maya Tour & Travel Main St, near Boat jetty
Had a huge board listing prices of all accommodation in Koh Phi Phi at time of research. 
ta Songserm Travel Main St, near Boat jetty 

Shopping & Other
Books Several 2nd hand bookshops. 
Photo Stall near jetty. Fuji film 90B, Underwater disposable camera 390B. 
Kiosk, Main St opposite PPK Diving. Friendly manager Not there at time of last research trip - maybe back for the season. 
Kodak Photo Shop: Main St, near Pizza Mama. 
Developing 36 print, 210B plus 7B p/print, takes 1 day. 
Laundry Guest houses. 40B/kg 
la Siamese: 30B/kilo see Massage 
Massage Siamese: On alley at side of Patcharee Fr. heading to the viewpoint. 200B/h, Massage courses, braiding & Laundry.

Night Spots 

  • Tin Tins: Alley next to the beach road. Often full. Dancing, live music, showing foot ball 
  • Reggae Bar: behind the restaurant. Impressive setup, located on hill. Always full. 


If you want to have a meal looking the beautiful view, reasonably priced, tasty food is hard to find on Koh Phi Phi. The beach front resort restaurants - full of tour groups and day-trippers, are a rip-off. However some restaurants on the main street in the middle of the island has many reasonably priced, (food 40B+, water 10B, coke20B). Also at the beginning of the street there is a local people's market and food area where you can eat simple food with 30B. 

Scuba Diving 
Some of the best diving sites in Thailand are around Phi Phi. Visibility is best during Dec-Apr. 

Diving spots: 
Bida Island S of Phi Phi Ley, site of beautiful coral reef and lots of fish 
Mosquito Island Dives to wreck sites. 
50m underwater tunnel Should only be attempted by experienced divers. 

Diving centers: 
Many. Western staff. There is a gentlemen's agreement amongst all the Diving Schools, prices are standard except one in Long Beach. PADI Open Water Cours.
Leisure Dive: All diving courses include cheap accommodation or less 200B each day. 

A popular sport on Phi Phi. You can catch huge fish, have your photo taken at the weigh-in and then eat some of it for supper at a restaurant. 1,800B /boat /day, 1,400B half day. Drinks included. Beside this there are many fishing guides. They all guaranteed to catch fish. 

Rock Climbing 
More established on Railey but during the high season Westerners organize 1 day courses for around 1200B. 
Ask around at bars, restaurants & dive centers. 

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