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One of the labour decided to make a pledge to the holy spirit there to let them work comfortably and thoroughly as well as gave a promise to build a concrete well to set the area of the fountain. Finally,they succeed so he did what he engaged to do. Furthermore, it is told among the villagers that there was an enormous snake with 2 combs taking care of the well. This is why this place was considered the sacred place. For travelers, here a hot spring bathroom provided is well-known since it can cure a skin disease 

Cham Island or Poo island : A large Muslim populated island forming its own sub-district in Krabi. The people earn their lives mostly in fishing, rubberwood cultivation and the local craft of cloth weaving. The last item has become so well known that Krabi province is famous for its cloth, called Pah Tor Koh Poo woven cloth. During the fair-weather months of dry season, passage to the island can be made by taking a boat from Jao Fah pier in Krabi town. When it is rainy, take a boat from Laem Kruad pier in Neua Klong District instead. Beach bungalows are available for overnight visitors. 

Exciting island-hopping to the tropical hot spots in the Krabi sea : Phra Nang Cave, Tup Isl., Chicken Isl. and Poda Isl. Swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing, exploring and photography are the main activities to enjoy. Expect plenty of sun, a rich variety of corals and fishes, crystal clear waters and white powdery sand beaches, lined with coconut palms. The fabulous Phi Phi Islands are only 45 minutes away from Krabi by speed boat  including Phi Phi Ley, made famous by Leonardo Dicaprio’s film “The Beach”.

Phi Phi Islands Tour By Speedboat -Fullday

The fabulous Phi Phi Islands are only 45 minutes away from Krabi by speed boat. We’ll stop on the way at two less visited spots for snorkelling, Bamboo Island and Hin Klarng. Free time in Tonsai Bay for lunch, shopping and relaxing is followed by an unforgettable tour of Phi Phi Le.
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Krabi 4 Island Tour
Exciting island-hopping to the tropical hot spots in the Krabi sea : Phra Nang Cave, Tup Island., Chicken Island. and Poda Island. Swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing, exploring and photography are the main activities to enjoy.
Expect plenty of sun, a rich variety of corals and fishes, crystal clear waters and white powdery sand beaches, lined with coconut palms. Fast and fun.
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Hong Island tour

This 'island of rooms' is the perfect escape destination. A wonderful island location renowned for its breathtaking beauty, shallow coral reefs and fine, sandy beaches. In the middle of the half-circle shaped island lies the 'secret' lagoon, where you can find yourself at one with nature. Picnic lunch and time for swimming, snorkelling and exploring. Relaxing and fun.

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Poda Island Tour

Koh Poda is a small limestone island 25 minutes by boat from the beaches of the Raileh peninsular (which can be seen on the horizon in the photograph). The circular island is no more than a kilometre in diameter, covered in palm trees and almost entirely encircled by a soft white sand beach.

A coral reef lies 20 metres offshore, and the combination of scenery, beach and excellent snorkelling make it one of my favourite places to spend a lazy day in this part of the world.
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Krabi is the original Thai rock climbing paradise. Home to two of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, Railay / Tonsai is world-famous among rock-climbers and is quite simply astoundingly beautiful. The cliffs that cut the Railay / Tonsai pensinsula off from the rest of Thailand free it from all motor traffic and protect the unique landscape. The limestone cliffs of Thailand's magnificent Phra Nang peninsula are the backdrop for Railay / Tonsai climbing. The rock climbing at Railay / Tonsai offers routes of world class quality for both beginners and expert climbers. Climbers of all abilities will have an unbelievable time scaling these stalactite-dripping karst cathedrals.

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Scuba Diving

Thailand is considered to be one of the top ten scuba diving countries in the world boasting crystal clear waters, spectacular reefs and rock formations, plus a colourful selection of marine life. There can be few countries other than Thailand that offer so much scuba variety, Whether you are a complete novice or a qualified diver you'll find Krabi offers scuba diving holidays and courses suit your ability.

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Sea Kayaking

Discover the Magic of Nature. Sea Kayak offers variety adventure programmes, gets you closer to nature than you ever dreamed possible. You can enjoy tremendous views of the Tranquil Nature filled Gorge that leads into a Mangrove Maze and explore Sea Caves, Lagoons, Land Caves, Majestic Cliffs and Islands.To observe the many species of Birds, Plant and Animal life.

Expeditions, self padding trips are perfect activities for fun, relaxation and preserving nature, we would like so much for you to have shared the most remarkable experience of your life.

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Bicycle Adventure tour

Travelling by bike is a great way to both appreciate and preserve Thailand’s’ amazing natural beauty. With no pollution or noise you'll find yourself able to observe, approach and enjoy the wildlife that we regularly meet during our relaxed pace bike tours through the lush green forestry of THAILAND. With soil beneath your tires, the breeze in your face and the sounds of nature all around, you'll feel completely a part of the surroundings, and with regular breaks to get up close and personal with nature you'll feel relaxed enough to stay forever.
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World-class game and big-game fishing in Krabi with family-friendly itineraries, day-trips and liveaboards to Thailand's premier fishing destinations. Catch marlin, sailfish, wahoo, giant trevally, barracuda, yellow-fin tuna, Spanish mackrell, snapper and lots more. Its unforgettable, the sun and the blue skies combined with monster fish make this an unbeatable destination for fishermen of all abilities.

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Elephant treking

Experience a beautiful river and jungle forest from the back of an elephant. The elephant camp is just 15 minutes from Ao Nang, where the natural environment provides permanent shade and abundant water for the elephants throughout the year. Your elephant trek will take you along a river running through the camp and into the rain forest at the foot of the beautiful "karst" mountains, with the sheer cliffs special to this area.

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White water rafting

A Dam was built in the hills near Rai Leh to service a tin mine which is now abandoned. White water rafters now use it twice a day flooding the river with a tide of water on which you can ride. Two expert guides take you on a runaway ride down 5 or 10 kilometer stretch of river which gets faster and and more furious the further down you go. An exhillarating experience.

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Tiger Cave Temple ( Wat Tham Suea )

The cave temple is aptly named because of the rock outgrowth nearby resembling a tiger's claw. The temple is located about 3km from the town towards North East. Wat Tahm Seua is known as a center for meditation. Its spectacular setting in the Ao Luk Thanu mountain ranges provides the necessary quiet atmosphere for meditation. The main vihara or the sanctum sanctorum is inside a small shallow limestone cave. Both sides are lined by cells like caves which are called monastic cells or kutis. The area is well lit and very well maintained preserving the serenity of the environment. Some 250 Monks and Nuns live in the temple compounds at the moment. Here you can venture it up the hills.
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Cuisine Cooking School

Learn to cook your favorite Thai dishes experience the exotic herbs and spices that make Thai cuisine one of the world’s culinary delights!!

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Thai Massage

Most welcome to a warm and peaceful moment with a lovely massage in our relaxing and romantic atmosphere with wonderful Swedish SPA-music! No holiday is complete until you have given yourself a nice and first class Thai Massage.

  • Thai Massage (90mins)
  • Foot Massage (60mins)
  • Oil Massage(Aroma Therapy) (90mins)
  • Herbal Scrub (60mins)
  • Hot Compress (90mins)
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